Neighborhood Assistance Program

Great City is a coalition of community activists, business leaders, and environmentalists, committed to making positive, lasting change, breaking down traditional barriers that can get in the way of smart planning and helping Seattle grow and thrive as a truly great city for all of us.

The goal of our Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) is to help find practical solutions to make neighborhoods better places to live and work as this city grows.  We want to be a resource for Seattleites interested in helping shape the future of their communities.

We are particularly interested in ensuring that every neighborhood in Seattle has access to the technical expertise they need to help achieve their community goals.

Examples of neighborhood projects we can help with:

  • Responding to a new development proposal
  • Helping neighborhoods who want street improvements
  • Developing strategies for parks, open space or P-Patches
  • Strategizing about volunteer organizing

Program participants will receive a two-hour consultation with an experienced professional or expert in architecture, construction, real estate analysis, traffic and transportation, natural systems, permitting and land use regulations, alternative energy, co-housing, public art, public relations and marketing, grant writing or neighborhood organizing.† We are interested in hearing your needs and seeing if we can help.

The Neighborhood Assistance Program is just one way Great City is working to ensure that our fair city becomes more liveable as it grows.

To see what types of resources are available to you to help with neighborhood projects, see our Online Resources Guide.