aLIVe – a Low Impact Vehicle exploration








A Low Impact Vehicle exploration is an artist-initiated, multi-phase effort to re-imagine our transportation system as designed around the human body. Right now, we design vehicles to withstand high-impact collisions, and our roads move freight and people at high speeds. aLIVe asks, How can we make transportation safer for our own biology and use less fossil fuel, reduce vehicular emissions, and prevent unchecked growth of the transportation network?

We begin any great project with a vision. aLIVe is working with Great City and 4Culture to bring together artists and inventors who will stretch their imaginations and ours, to expand our sense of what is possible. aLIVe seeks “everything from poetry to prototypes.” Please contribute your ideas!

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Artist Cheryl dos Remedios founded and organizes aLIVe. She is grateful to the aLIVe artists, inventors and volunteers who participated in the August exhibition at Seward Park. aLIVe is hosted by Great City, in partnership with the Streets for People Coalition. Sponsors include: 4Culture, Cascade Bicycle,, Anne McDuffie, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, Seattle Parks & Recreation, Seattle Summer Streets, SvR Design, Perla Sitcov and Talking Box Media.