WHEN: Tuesday, October 22, 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

WHERE: GGLO Space at the Steps, 1305 1st Avenue, Seattle (1/4 of the way down the Harbor Steps)


The Center City Connector streetcar study is nearing the end of the preliminary phase.


The outcome will be the selection of a preferred street alignment for a new streetcar that connects the South Lake Union and First Hill lines through downtown.


Questions the project team is working on include:

  • What would a streetcar would look like on 1st Avenue?
  • How would it perform in a shared lane versus its own lane?
  • What would the impacts to other modes be?


Tony MazzellaTony Mazzella is a Strategic Advisor with Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). He has been with SDOT since 1999. During his career at SDOT Tony has held a variety of positions including managing neighborhood-based transportation capital projects, sub-area comprehensive transportation planning projects and the development of the City’s Transit Master Plan. Currently, he manages a transit planning project to develop a streetcar connector linking Seattle’s two existing streetcar lines through the Downtown. Throughout his career Tony has been committed to multi-modal integration and community-based transportation improvements that promote sustainable and equitable growth and development.


Thomas BrennanThomas Brennan is a Principal at NelsonNygaard Consulting Associates. He runs the firms Portland office and has been working on transit and transportation projects in Seattle for a decade. Thomas’s interest and expertise is in developing high-quality transportation options and transit systems that support the development of healthy, economically successful, and socially vital communities. He was the Project Manager for the consulting team that partnered with Seattle’s DOT to develop the Seattle Transit Master Plan. He is currently working with SDOT to develop a Center City Streetcar Connector that links the Westlake and International District Hubs and connects the City’s two streetcar lines through the Downtown.


Much more at http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/centercityconnector.htm

For Nate it was a summer in New York City that sparked a passion for urban planning, livability, development and transportation issues. He has worked for housing and health care non-profits, mortgage and commercial real estate companies, hospitality and aviation brands as well as transit lines and other government agencies. Nate is a Great City board member.