The corner of 23rd and Union has been a focal point of neighborhood hopes for the Central Area for many years. In 2008, this project looked likely to play a major role in the crossroads’ revitalization, but was stalled by the recession.

Design for planned but stalled building on southwest corner

A temporary art installation filled the vacant development site for a time, as seen in this image:



The corner has since reverted back to the dirt it has been for most of the past decade, after the original building suffered irreparable damage in the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake.

Today, that intersection remains a big target for a community seeking a critical mass to revitalize one of the central areas key neighborhood connections. The quickening of the economy’s pulse seems to be pumping life into properties there, with several recently in play and efforts to rethink zoning for one that is on the brink of a major vacancy of its own as the Post Office announces plans to move on from the single-story shopping center it anchors on the Southeast corner.

Central District News has the story on 23rd/Union.


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