The City Council continues to review the South Lake Union Rezone proposal, including the proposed use of the Landscape Conservation and Local Infrastructure Program (L-CLIP). While not often discussed, the L-CLIP is a great example of “putting your money where your mouth is.” The program will provide $29.7 million for infrastructure in South Lake Union and Downtown (with bike/ped/transit projects, green streets and a community center as top priorities) and preserve more than 25,000 acres of regional farm, forest and open space.

Please let Council members know you support this important legislation.


For Nate it was a summer in New York City that sparked a passion for urban planning, livability, development and transportation issues. He has worked for housing and health care non-profits, mortgage and commercial real estate companies, hospitality and aviation brands as well as transit lines and other government agencies. Nate is a Great City board member.