Shortly after his election, President Obama promised the end of business as usual in transportation, housing and environmental planning. The three corresponding federal agencies storied legacies contained few examples of collaboration or even correlated investments. Think of new highways to nowhere, new affordable housing developments just out of range of planned transit projects, and none of them considered against the climate-disruptive spectrum of different human settlement patterns.

Announced in Seattle at the National Smart Growth Conference by HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan, EPA Secretary Lisa Jackson and DOT Secretary Ray LaHood, the inter-agency Partnership for Sustainable Communities seeks to transform these important areas of federal investment for the 21st century.The Puget Sound Regional Council’s Growing Transit Communities has been working hard to implement that vision locally. Here’s your opportunity to be a part of the solution. Join the upcoming workshop (below) and get your hands dirty in housing, transportation and environmental policy. Click Here to Register Now.

Implementation Strategies Workshop

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 – 3-6 PM – Seattle Center Northwest Rooms

The Growing Transit Communities Partnership’s Oversight Committee, two Steering Committees and three Corridor Task Forces will convene a joint workshop event to discuss implementation strategies to promote equitable transit communities.

The event will include an unveiling of the final results and recommendations of the Transit Community Typology by the Center for Transit Oriented Development. In addition, Equity Grant Program recipients and Growing Transit Communities subcommittees will present on their lessons learned and recommended actions.

The workshop format will encourage discussion and information-sharing among participants to help inform the Corridor Action Strategies that the Partnership will adopt in Spring 2013.
  • Dena Belzer, President, Strategic Economics, representing the Center for Transit-Oriented Development
  • Josh Brown, Commissioner Kitsap County, President, Puget Sound Regional Council and Chair of the Growing Transit Communities Partnership
  • Tony To, Executive Director, Homesight; Vice-Chair of the Growing Transit Communities Partnership, Chair of the Equity Network 
Interested members of the public are encouraged to attend.
Please contact Sara Schott Nikolic for more information.

For Nate it was a summer in New York City that sparked a passion for urban planning, livability, development and transportation issues. He has worked for housing and health care non-profits, mortgage and commercial real estate companies, hospitality and aviation brands as well as transit lines and other government agencies. Nate is a Great City board member.