Do you cycle in Seattle? Do you have any fashion tips?

It’s a conundrum faced frequently by any intrepid Seattle bicyclist: the choice between wet jeans and awkwardness.

Let me explain.

You push open the door to a bar. It can be any bar, but let’s say it’s in Belltown, and let’s say it’s loud and packed full of folks in business casual, sipping from martini glasses. Your glasses fog up in the heat of the place, and the rainwater runs from your jacket, forming a puddle on the floor. The host’s wide smile does little to hide his disdain as he regards the puddle, the mud-splattered panniers, the bright yellow jacket… (Continue reading: To change or not to change « Cascade Bicycle Club Blog).


For Nate it was a summer in New York City that sparked a passion for urban planning, livability, development and transportation issues. He has worked for housing and health care non-profits, mortgage and commercial real estate companies, hospitality and aviation brands as well as transit lines and other government agencies. Nate is a Great City board member.