I have been reading some articles about bike helmets for quite some time, but Mikael over at Copenhagenize really riled me up this time over the Matthew Modine controversy. The truth of that matter is that mandatory helmet laws are a problem. They negatively impact cycling use and are a scapegoat for any real cycling safety issues. Luckily its an incredibly easy thing to fix and a few cultural and political changes could help us establish a true cycling culture here in Seattle. My suggestions for our fair city:

- Due away with the King County Helmet Law

- Encourage the inclusion of both helmeted and non-helmeted cyclists photos in advocacy materials.

- Do not include helmets as a priority in safety materials.

- Do not put blame helmets for cycle injuries or deaths

- Use the non-helmeted cycle lane symbol

I am interested to hear people’s thoughts and comments but first, I suggest reading some of the following:

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