Great City (formerly Seattle Great City Initiative) is hiring a new Executive Director. As you may have heard, Michael McGinn, Great City’s founding ED, has decided to run for Mayor this year. We wish him well, but the work of Great City must go on.

About Great City

Great City’s mission is to bring together all members of the community — conservationists, neighborhood advocates, and business people — to listen and learn about obstacles and opportunities, and above all, work to implement pragmatic solutions to realize our common vision. Our effectiveness hinges on our ability to engage diverse communities, and to transcend political and social barriers in order to achieve a common cause.

Great City recently fledged from under the wings of the Cascade Land Conservancy’s Cascade Agenda program and is now an independent 501(c)(3) organization. We also invite you to review our strategic plan to see where we intend to move in the future.

Great City has always been a place where people of differing backgrounds come together to find the areas of common purpose and to work toward those ends. In working together, we have been able to create significant results including:

About the Executive Director

While there are a number of skills that are desirable in a Great City ED, the following qualities are requirements:

  • Ability to work with neighborhood, business and environmental leaders
  • A belief in the power of people working together to achieve common goals
  • A desire to make Seattle a model of economic and environmental sustainability

The right candidate for our new Executive Director will have the right combination of the following skills:

  • Leadership experience and the ability to inspire action
  • Non-profit management experience:
    • multiple programs;
    • personnel;
    • Grants
    • budget ($100K+)
  • Fundraising experience including grant writing
  • Campaign experience including familiarity with Web 2.0 tools and organizing techniques
  • Proven ability to be a clear, effective written and verbal communicator
  • Experience working with and lobbying elected officials including an understanding the legal parameters of a 501(c)(3)

Compensation rates and work schedules are flexible and will be discussed with the Executive Committee as the hiring process moves forward.

Please email your resume, cover letter, and references to Great City c/o Allison Burson at the following address: