There are currently eight options on the table for the Central Waterfront Redevelopment Project (aka: The Viaduct Issue). Construction may be a few years off, but it is important that while WSDOT evaluates these scenarios, we, the citizens, do too.

There is a handy little guide on the WSDOT site outlining the different scenarios, as well as some concept images of what each scenario may look like. I encourage everyone to take a peek at these alternatives and post your thoughts and opinions about them in the comments.

(Check out some other discussion on the scenarios here and here.)


Last night Seattle citizens voted their hopes and dreams for our country, and for our city.

The Parks and Green Spaces Levy is passing with an amazing 60% in support† — ensuring that we will continue investing in our community and our quality of life as Seattle continues to grow and change.

This campaign relied from the beginning on its greatest asset ó people like you who care deeply about our communities.† Thatís how this levy was placed on the ballot, and thatís how it passed.

Our campaign message, whether online, in print, on posters, or on television, was designed to convey the values we care about ó community, families, health, nature, and above all, hope for our future.†† And then we relied on you to carry that message for the campaign, in your conversations with neighbors, on blogs, in telephone calls, in e-mail messages, at community events, on peopleís doorsteps, even asking local businesses to carry our posters.

To all of you, congratulations and thank you for your efforts on behalf of Seattle.† We are so proud and grateful to have been part of this campaign with you.